Events: Universoul Circus at TWO LOCATIONS in STL!


Universoul Circus is a BIG family tradition among all black households, I don't care what anyone says.  The only circus I've ever attended was Universoul.  A big top spectacle of global proportions, the 2016 production of UniverSoul Circus takes fans of all ages on an unforgettable journey of light, sound and soul!  I swear after each show my cousins and I would go back home and try to flip over the couches, do back bends and...someone ended up hurt.  But nonetheless, everyone knew when Universoul was in town, you were going!


And this year....TWO LOCATIONS!!! You read right!  If you took your kids, or your grown ass to the performances within the past two weeks, then you went to the stopping ground for the show, Jamestown Mall.  But starting Wednesday, Universoul will also be performing Downtown at the Dome's Tailgaitor's Lot!

As someone who grew up anticipating the wait of this circus to come around, you do not UNDERSTAND the excitement I have....I mean I'm more excited than my child!


So to all the kids, big, small, and at heart, this is a great family event that brings the fun and laughter out of everyone!

Tickets are on sale now for performances for Aug 31st-Sept 5th.  Get yours now!  Don't be that person who misses out on all the fun.  And as a special treat, check out a snippet of what UNIVERSOOOOOULLLLL brings when it comes to family entertainment!

*this post was sponsored by Universoul Circus