Fashion & Style: Vintage Chic (+Linky Party!)

vintage chic

Another day, another fashion show, another time I had to figure out what the hell to wear.

And considering my first outfit didn't come in time (bruh) I had to think.

If you know me, you know that even though I'm a former/current fashion blogger, I don't do the typical fashion blogger outfit.  I hate wearing heels (I think I'm too big for my feet to support lol), and I need to feel some what comfortable.  So my go to?  Vintage Chic.

vintage chic

Yes, Vintage Chic is the name and all around affordable is the game.  Considering the event, Pins x Needles (recap coming soon), I didn't feel the need to overdo it, and knew I would still look great in a casual outfit while finding a couple of areas to make my focal points

vintage chic

vintage chic

Those focal points so happened to be my signature multi-print gemmed cross body from ALDO...

vintage chic

vintage chic

vintage chic

And my charmed aztec necklace from ALDO.  The rest of my comfortable yet stylish ensemble consisted of mom jeans I scored from Savers for only $4, denim dad hat from Amazon for only $7. mustard top from Target, Converse from Famous Footwear, and various statement rings from Old Navy which ranged from $7.99-9.99 which an additional 30% off.

Don't get me wrong, my room is stocked with heels, but fashion shows don't mean you have to wear them, or look like you just hopped out a Benz, knowing damn well you didn't, hell I know I didn't.

So when in doubt? Vintage Chic my friends.  Old t-shirt?  Worn down sneakers? With a little effort you can turn those into key vintage focal points of any outfit.

Be sure to stay tuned for our recap of Pins x Needles and also of our dad hat look book, but for now....


We haven't had one of these in soooo long, and I'm excited to get one started.

So if you're not familiar with linky parties, here's the deal:

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Simple right?  Cool!

Can't wait to see those awesome OOTD posts!


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