Love, Sex, & Relationships: I'm Glad My Bitchy Attitude Drove You Away


My attitude is fucked up.

And I don't give two shits (if you hate cussin' this website is not for you).

The fact is, my way of thinking when it comes to men and relationships has shifted over the years is not even funny.  I use to be that "oh let me let EVERY MAN into my heart, my space, and my mind" to "you better be ready to prepare this 10 page paper on why I should even talk to your funny looking ass".

I wouldn't even say that this different mind frame has come from past experiences, failed experiences, but just more so...common sense.

Women, and men, we have to do better.  Everyone does not deserve your all.  When you give someone your all, you give them your time, your space, your mind, your body, your sanity, your loyalty, your trust, and most importantly a piece of you.  If you keep willingly give these pieces to each and every person you claim you "love", you're not going to have anything left for that person who is destined for you.

You know all those women saying "n*ggas aint shit" and "these bitches is for the birds", those are the people who have either given all the pieces to their heart away, or the ones who keep taking selfishly with no intent of giving back.

So please, don't be offended if I give you slack, I'm a nice person but baby I ain't stupid.  Every man that comes into my life ain't here for good intentions, and simply doesn't even deserve for me to pass along a smile.

And when you try to "tell me" about myself on how I'll be alone and miserable and come crawling to you....tell that to my man who deals with my rude ass EVERY DAY!

Attitudes run the world, remember that.