Rants & Raves: What Exactly is a Coon Really?


Black people, my black people, we have to do better.

Because I swear to the all mighty heavens if I hear the word coon again I'mma fight someone.

Here's what happened (story time!)

Apparently there is a video out of a policeman tassing a man in a wheelchair (we'll add the link to the video when we find it).  Our lovely blogger Diamond voiced her opinion to someone making a video response to the situation, stating while she doesn't condone the actions of the officer AT ALL, she felt the situation could have been handled differently from both parties.

And....she get's called a coon, on top of many other disrespectful names I'm still pissed off about.  So to all of these "woke" people who love to use the term "coon", let's take a history lesson on the REAL meaning of the word.

Coon was originally coined as the nickname for the Whig Party members of the U.S., and the raccoon was their symbol, or mascot so to speak.  Raccoon - Coon.  Makes sense.  And unfortunately the term was later used to describe the holding houses for the slaves for sale.

Now somewhere down the line through history, we end up here where black people are calling other black people coons in the sense of them being an Uncle Tom. Basically all of these new and found "pro black" people call other black people coons for supporting anything that has to do with the white race.  It makes me sick.  If you call someone a coon, you need to call yourself and every other black person a coon.  Let me explain:

Unless you can prove that 100% of what you wear and consume comes from our ancestors, then you're supporting the white mans empire.  For example, that simple shirt on your back was most likely designed by a team who is employed by a white CEO.  After they design the garment, they send the sample request over to their manufacturers in either China, Taiwain, Japan, and sometimes Africa where slave labor is used.  Not suppose to, but it happens all the time.  From there the samples come back to the USA, where the markup is enormous, sold in stores, and the white CEO makes millions if not billions.

So who are you calling a coon? 

Being pro black does not mean you have to single out every white person, that's not how it works.  Just like not all black people are ghetto, hood, or uneducated, not all white people are racist.  And by using the term coon in its incorrect state, YOU MAKE ALL OF US LOOK DUMB AS HELL!

This made me so mad, that I had to do a response to it:

So my question to you all is, why use the term coon? Why do we feel in our community we have to be so pro black to the extreme just to prove we support the cause?

Drop a comment below and lets talk!