Rants & Raves: Yall Wanna Be Black So Bad Huh?-Injectable Melanin for Tanning

injectable melanin

I swear we have the most weirdest conversations at my job.

This conversation however, made me proud to be a melanin poppin' diva!

My coworker was telling me how her neighbor uses Melanotan...injectable Melanin for people who want that "summer glow" without going to the tanning salon or laying out in the sun where, you know, you could get cancer.

In simpler terms, because these mfs try and confuse you with these big words on their website, Melanotan produces synthetic melanin that flows through your body to make your skin more tan and dark.

Just like there are different shades when you get a spray tan or different settings on the tanning bed, these injectables have different levels for your skin type.  And apparently, it can be use as a weight loss method as well because of how the chemicals increase oxidation in the fatty acids in your body.

I honestly don't know what to think (mind you I'm laughing as I'm typing this) because I didn't realize the extremes people go through to look....well like a black person.

And in some cases I understand for those experiencing skin cancer or some type of skin condition.  Maybe this could be further tested and developed for people who have lost pigment on parts of their body, who knows.

But for the people who just use it to look more tan, dark, blaaaaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkk, it's interesting because we get made fun of for our color all the time yet people go to these extremes to look just like us.

So when myself and my fellow members of the African American community use the hashtag #melaninpoppin or #melaninonfleek I have more of an appreciation for it.

I just didn't realize that being brown was so desirable...thoughts?