An Open Letter to a Diamond in a Rough

Dr. Tate's African American studies class is where we met.

Our group project is where we became acquainted, you actually nominated me to be the group leader (I'ma kick yo ass for that)

Our exes caused us to become friends (remember those nights at the loft?)

And our journey showed us why we became the best of friends.

I don't think I could have asked for a better best friend.  You're my sister and apart of my life forever.  We're in business together and we're planning our lives with each other in mind, so hunny yo ass is stuck!!!

Today, you graduate from the hell hole we call college.  Man we had some great times, and there were times we leaned on each other for comfort and support.  These last 6 years have been a blessing because you were there as the friend you are, and now I want to show you how effing proud I am of you, you did it girl!!!!  So today, we celebrate you, the generous, caring, giving, PHENOMENAL person you are, and we toast to the endeavors we know you have planned for your future.

Now, you may cry some more.....

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