Beauty: Find That Dupe-Eyebrow Wiz's!!!


So, I've been experimenting with eyebrow pencils or "wiz's" lately as I finally decided to wax these beasts and have them looking good.  Fact is however, more and more beauty brands have been coming out with their versions of eyebrow wiz's. pencils, and shapers, and the question is...which one is worth your money?


The reigning wiz in the game is Anastasia Beverly Brow Wiz.  I was so reluctant to try it because for the most part I thought it was just hype.  But once I got some extra money I bought one and did see the benefits of this product.

PROS: clean application, blends well, color matchings perfectly.


One dupe I was able to stumble upon while doing my usual hoarding was NYX's Micro Brow Pencil.  I honestly didn't know NYX has ventured into eyebrow pencils but I am happily amazed as I always am with their pencils

PROS: clean application, blends well, color matchings perfectly, very affordable
CONS: Packaging (cap kept popping off)


A second dupe that I also stumbled upon while in Walgreens was L'Oreal's Brow Stylist Definer and again, one of the great dupes I seemed to have stumbled upon when it comes to brow wiz's

PROS: easy application, blends well, very affordable
CONS: A little thick when applying, more like a pomade, limited shades

Overall, I believe the NYX's Brow Pencil is one I can definitely buy instead of Anastasia's Brow Wiz.

Beauty babes, what do you guys think?  Do you have any brow wiz's you use in your makeup routine? Drop a line below and let us know!

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