Blog Talk: How to Use Hashtags like a #nichelessbadass!


So we've covered Instagram before in a previous segment, but a few people have asked us specifically on hashtags.  Yes, hashtags, where I feel is the most used on Instagram but whether you prefer to use hashtags on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, they are an important tool in the social media world.  Why?  Because hashtags are what helps you become discovered.  By simply using a hashtag, you're linked with potentially tens of thousands of other people who display similar likes, interests, and content that you do, which can lead to new likes, new followers, and new leads on products or services that you may how the hell do you use them?!


First and foremost, research the hashtags you want to use dependent on the content that you're posting.  For example, pick trendy/relevant hashtags for the picture you're posting or the status you're talking about in order for it to be searchable.

Second, don't use random hashtags.  If you use a photo grid or editing app they sometimes give you random hashtags to post.  Unless it's #repost #like #instagood or something along those lines, using random hashtags are annoying as fuck.  I don't want to see a selfie of you and see the hashtag #puppy or #flowers (I see this all the time), it just shows you're not paying attention to what you post.

The most important way to use hashtags effectively is to ENGAGE!!!! This is an easy way for you to connect with people with similar taste.  Set a goal to follow a certain number of people per week/month, for example follow 50 new members each week.  By using the hashtags you already posted on your picture or status, you can see who else has used the same hashtag and gain new followers by commenting and liking their content!!! How effing easy is that?!

I don't want to bog you down with tips that are "guaranteed" to help because well...every persons profile is different, you cater to a different audience who engages with you in a different way, and as we all know, trying to put a time limit on when you should achieve a certain status on social media is not realistic what so ever, so the few tips that I did provide give you a stepping stone to start shaping how you do operate your channels when it comes to hashtags.

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