Blog Talk: How to Diversify Your Content like a #nichelessbadass


Is it me, or as bloggers, are we on a never ending "quest" for thinking of creative, engaging, possibly viral content that not only resonates with our audience, but satisfies the writer within us?  Hell I feel it.  We're in the world of trying to create diverse content.  It's almost necessary at this point in order to stay relevant.  I remember when I started this blog, I didn't really trip too much off of trying to be a Youtuber, podcaster, or thinking of different ways to  But now?  I am finding any and everything in order to make this brand unique, and make our content diverse.

Different Types of Blog Posts/Content

I cannot begin to even think of the different types of blog posts we've created here on this site.  When I first started the blog in 2013 a lot of my posts were geared towards trend and opinion posts, but as I slowly but surely learned about how to develop content for my blog, I realized there were many different types of blog posts you could create to give your content variety, such as:

product reviews
linky parties
printables/goodies to share (keep scrolling for this post"S free goodie!)


Different Platforms

On top of creating diversity when it comes to written blog posts, I've also realized you can create a variety of content by utilizing different platforms and methods available.


For example, video is a great way to give your blog that extra umph that it needs, and I highly recommend that every blogger implement some type of video into their content creation system.  Whether it's Youtube, Periscope, Facebook live, Snapchat, Google, or another video system, there are a number of content ideas that you could easily implement into a vlog segment, such as:

live unboxings
live interviews
product reviews
web series/funny videos
, lookbooks


And just as easy as it is to implement a video into your blog, it's easy as hell to implement a podcast.  Podcasts are similar to talk radio, something you might find in your iTunes store or on Spotify, and is a creative way to give your readers not only another way to support you, but a different side of you with segments such as:

live interviews
series segments
funny recordings


Ok guys, I gave you 3 different platforms in order for you to begin the process of diversifying your content in order for your readers to not only read your content, and watch your content, but also to listen to your content.  And you may be thinking, well coming up with different segments for each of these platforms is going to be a lot of work....well not necessarily.  


For example, we did our How to Cover an Event like a Bomb Ass Blogger post not too long ago.  Not only do we have this post up on the blog, I also did a video on this same subject, same key points, and used the EXACT video published on Youtube and easily transferred it to our Soundcloud for our about killing 3 birds with one huge stone!


If you're a blogger who has a knack for something, and it doesn't even have to be blog related, having a webinar, e-tutorial, or e-course is a great way to show off your skill to your blog followers, new and seasoned, and if you're that good, you can make some mula off of it!


E-books are a trend among the blogging community and I see why.  If you have a series of posts, or a segment that people love, it's super easy to turn that into an e-book.  With some editing and a few technical details you can turn already published blog posts into a helpful e-book that can be sold on Amazon and other platforms!

So you guys know I couldn't leave you guys without giving you a great goodie that will help you create diverse content, and today, I'm giving you TWO GOODIES!  We have not only the Blog Post Planner, but we also have 50 Blog Post Ideas for Diverse Content!

So be sure to click to download, and also drop a line in the comments and let us know how you create diverse content for your blog!


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