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Yes. I'm a blogger who's obsessed with blogging, I mean think about it.  If you're that invested in the business you're in, you take the time to do your own research, learn, grown, and eventually build tools to help your fellow industry members right?  Well that's exactly what we're doing with our newly implemented series Blog Talk!

Yes Blog Talk (are you guys just as excited?)  Ok so let's be honest, we've been doing blog talk for the longest now, with all of our tips and tricks that we share, but now we're amplifying it.
With the work that we do in the blogging community, especially with Black Bloggers United, we've come across many bloggers who ask us questions on the daily, and while we always promote how we are not experts and are always trying to learn, there's nothing wrong with sharing our experiences in hopes of others benefiting from what we do know and what we have been through, which is what Blog Talk is all about!

For example, if you are a member of BBU-STL then you'll be happy to know that our "Flatlays for Days" workshop is happening!  This free workshop is geared towards exploring tips and tricks on how to create beautiful flat lay images that many of us bloggers use as our own stock photos, event flyers, and for other promotional purposes.  If you're in the area we would love for you to stop by and learn with us!  Check out the event below and RSVP for free!:

We are also expanding our free goodies that we offer in The Studio, which is a diverse source of blogging information we provide, better known as our blogging studio.  Since we are nicheless bloggers, we try to give different types of blogging advice, for example our blog post and video on how to cover an event that came with a free printable:

And with our videos, we'll also have podcasts to follow as well! This is where you guys can sound off via Instagram and Twitter and asks questions that we'll answer!

So, are you ready for Blog Talk?! Good because we are too!  To get you ready, make sure to sign up for our blogging studio below, which is totally free!

Also, as a special treat, we're offering our blogging boos 20% off any purchase that they make in our shop!  Simply use BLGGR20 at checkout and boom!

Until then, sound off in the comments and let us know what blogging questions you have, we'll be sure to answer them on future installments of Blog Talk!


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