Blog Talk: 5 Blog Essentials of the Month!


Happy November! So 2017 is literally right around the corner, and as many of us will be preparing for the New Year, we also will be resorting back to the basics of blogging which, when you think about it, are the essentials everyone needs, which hints this brand spanking new posts, better known as my 5 blog essentials for the month!

Blog Binder
I have recently created a blogging binder that has become a life saver.  In my blog planner, I have tabs for each of the following: Editorial Calendar, Social Media Calendar, Financial Documents, Blog Planning, Blog To Do's, Blog Ideas, Outreach, Etc.  With this blogging binder. I update it every week and it has made a tremendous impact on how I operate this business.  I suggest getting a cute planner from Target that resonates with you because that will motivate you more to keep up with the binder.

Blogger Box
The "blogging box" is something I literally thought about as I was coming from an event.  I got home to my Nasty Gal package at my door, and as I'm taking out the contents of my package, I came up with this idea of creating a blogger box.  A blogger box is similar to a treasure chest of blogging.  I typically use mine by adding things I've received from blogging events such as goody bag contents, press badges, and other helpful or memorable information that pertains to my blogging journey.  You can even decorate it to resonates with your blog's aesthetics!

Business Card Holder
I need to take my own advice on this, but getting a QUALITY business card holder is key.  Not only do you acquire business cards when you go to various events, you need a place to keep your own business cards clean and neat for when it's time to whip it out and present it.

Cloud Storage
Our cloud storage account is the hub of where ALL of our shit is.  We have folders for EVERYTHING, from stock photos, to login and password information, I highly suggest using cloud storage in order to stay organized and to free up the space on your computer.  We currently use Google Drive and only pay $3.99 for 1TB of memory!

Backup Folder
Do you back up your posts and blog template?  Well you should!  Especially, if you're like us who uses Blogger, than you know how much Blogger crashes on a regular.  Backup your posts and templates at least once a week so that way you won't be totally out of luck in the unfortunate situation of losing your work.

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