Blog Talk: The 5 Misconceptions About Blogging


Blogging is an...interesting industry nonetheless, and as someone who is apart of it, there are many ideas about the whole idea of blogging that gets twisted around into something that, well, just isn't true. As bloggers, we already have to deal with struggles and our pet peeves, and now....misconceptions.

Here are the 5 most common misconceptions of blogging:

Blogging is Easy


Who the hell lied to you? I've talked about this time, and time, and effing time again.  Blogging is hard work!  I started to blog as a hobby, no biggie, something to do, but once I started getting more and more involved in it I realized that this could easily be considered my second job.  If I was to track my hours for blogging (we have a printable for that) I would easily rack up 8 hours a day if not more on blogging related tasks.  Child please, blogging is hard, and you'll fall hard on your face if you jump in thinking it's not.

You'll Make Loads of Money Instantly


It is very much true, and has been proven that you can make a lot of money from blogging, whether from direct sponsorship's or from other opportunities that come from it.  BUT....this shit doesn't happen overnight.  Here on our blog we have just now been able to start monetizing, and even that is a struggle.  What you think is fair as far as your rate, others look at you like "a no". You don't always get the opportunities you seek out, and it becomes more of a "no" game rather than a "yes" game.  Again, making coin, lots of it from blogging is very much possible, but it takes time so don't expect to start rolling in the dough as soon as you make your first post.

Blogging Isn't a Real Job/Career


It might be a little unorthodox, but blogging is a job, it is a career.  Just because it doesn't necessarily consist of going to a physical place and reporting to a superior or upper management doesn't mean that blogging isn't a job.  In fact, existing companies are incorporating blogging into their business models as it has been proven that companies who blog bring in more revenue and new clients than companies that don't.  So whether you want to believe it or not, blogging is a job...point, blank, period.

Bloggers Aren't Real Journalist


*rolls eyes*  This ties into my previous post when people say that bloggers aren't real journalists.  I will admit, anyone has the power to own a blog site and technically be a blogger, but that doesn't mean that they have the sense enough to research or proofread.  But in that same instance, the majority of bloggers are either freelance journalists, former journalists, or have backgrounds in English or journalism.  In addition, many bloggers do take the time out to research everyday on the topics they're going to talk about, acquire resources, and edit and proofread before they hit the publish button.  I personally believe people who say that bloggers aren't real journalists are the ones who are mad that bloggers essentially don't have to answer to an editor.  That they're columns aren't cut up into pieces in order to uphold the publication's attitudes and morals, and in a nutshell....bloggers can say what they want.  No one can stop them because they front all of the bills for their site.

Salty much?

You Have to Have a Niche to be Successful as a Blogger


Says who?  Niches are for SCARED Bitches (shameless plug).  The whole reason why I rebranded is because I simply couldn't talk about fashion and makeup all damn day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  There were topics brewing inside of me that I wanted to express my opinion about.  As much as I love fashion, I like to debate about cultural issues, talk about food, and other things.  So why shouldn't I be able to talk about them?  In regards to monetization and acquiring customers...what I talk about doesn't have anything to do with that.  For these blogging experts...what's the real reason why you tell other bloggers they can't have multiple niches?

I'll wait...

Blogging friends, boos, and baes, thoughts? What other misconceptions are there about blogging?  Drop a line and let us know!

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