Blog Talk: What's Your Blog Resolutions for 2017?

Bloggers...guess what!  It's almost 2017!!!  As the new year is approaching, there are things we hope to achieve for our blogs, I mean come on, these are our babies!

Last year we made the post Goals for 2016 and I'm happy to say that we've achieved a good portion of that list which included launching our new brand and expanding our writing, so for 2017 we want to accomplish even more!  Some of the resolutions on our list are:

host more events, both in person and virtually
increase blog traffic by 45%
recruit 1 intern
recruit at least 3 contributors
have a steady schedule for our podcast
have a steady schedule for videos
make a conscious effort to engage with more bloggers' content
travel to more blogging events
make at least $300 a month in blog income
start our online good shop
grow our virtual good shop by 75%
speak at one event
expand on Nicheless is the New Niche

We've learned that setting obtainable goals helps form the vision of your blog and your brand and ultimately helps it grow and be successful.

What resolutions do you guys have for your blogs?  Drop them below and let us know!

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