Blogger Insight: Our First Year of Being Nicheless!


Last year, we decided to take the most unorthodox approached in the blogging industry by far.  We go nicheless!

That's right guys, we've been nicheless for a year now!  When we decided to, honestly we didn't know what the hell we were doing, but we knew this was the only way we would be happy in this industry. 

We decided to go nicheless for a few different reasons.  The first reason was and still is that the fashion blog industry is highly over-saturated and the fact is we're 3 busy ass adults.  We can't have an on standby photographer at any given moment or even have one of us be on standby to take outfit posts.  We don't have gobs of money to buy shit out the whazoo to do reviews on, and most importantly...we don't want to talk about fashion 24/7.  I honestly believe that's how the passion for fashion was killed for us (coming in another post).

Secondly, we've had a couple of situations here in our local blogging network that turned out to be a case of low-key blackball.  While the situation has been resolved and people involved eventually moved on to other companies, it showed us that this industry, at least here in Saint Louis, is all about kissing ass and sucking up, and I believe that for fashion in general, whether that's fashion blogging, fashion designing, modeling, you name it.  That's something we absolutely positively do not do.  We've never kissed ass to get to where we are, hard work is what we use in order to move up the success ladder, so that's what we will stick to.

Lastly, I'm personally just over these fake experts talking about how you have to have a niche in order to be successful.  Here's the thing, you SHOULD stick to a niche if you're looking to sell a particular product or service, but when it comes to monetizing blog content, that shit doesn't apply, at all.  We've been able to get sponsored content from companies in the niches of fashion, beauty, food/drink, parenting, and travel and we plan to expand that even more in 2017.  So to those blog experts, what do you have to say about that?

Overall, our first year of being nicheless was a success!  There were a few bumps in the road at first because no one ever really heard of a blogging brand purposely becoming nicheless, and in essence, we're pioneers.  In our year of success, there are things that we do want to work on and grow for 2017 since this was a trial run that we kind of...went full force with a big ass blindfold:

grow our email list
be consistent with an editorial and social media schedule
sell products
finish our workshop for Nicheless is the New Niche
be consistent with Youtube videos and our podcast
expand to other companies and make our presence known

This is only the beginning, that's evident, and as our readers, we're glad you're on this journey with us!  Cheers to being nicheless!

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