Blogging 101: How to Start a Blog Like a #NichelessBadass!

how to start a blog

Hey, you there!  We know that you've probably wanted to start a blog, and wanted to know how to do so.  But have you ever wanted to know how to start a blog like a nicheless badass?  Yep, I said it, a nicheless badass.  We're one of the only purposely branded nicheless blogs on the market, and many people have asked us how did we did we do it?  So today, we're going to finally tell how we got started and how you can too!

What's Your Blog Name?

Your blog name is going to be the hardest part of starting a blog.  Thinking of both names I've come up with for this blog was hard as shit.  The most important part you want to remember is that your blog name needs to make sense.  You might not necessarily choose to be completely nicheless, but if you decide to talk about fashion, food, and culture your name needs to resonate with those topics in some way.  What I've seen as being the easiest strategy when it comes to thinking of a blog name is rocking with your name.  It's you, your personally, and at the end of the day as authentic you can get.

What Will You Talk About?

Being nicheless gives you the opportunity to talk about whatever you want.  If you don't want to deal with what can be overwhelming idea that you can talk about anything, pick a few topics that might mesh together, for example, food and fashion, beauty and travel, cultural issues, etc.  To help you out, here's a list of 50 topics to talk about on your blog

Color Scheme/Theme?

With your color scheme, once again you want it to make sense.  Even though we might be nicheless, that doesn't mean we're disorganized.  I personally like minimalist themes, they're clean cut and offer a lot of room for personalization and pops of color.  Looking for some affordable themes?  Check out ThemexposeSora Templates, Goyaabitemplates, Pipdig, and more!


This will be the second hardest decision after your blog name.  Blogger, Wordpress, Squarespace, and Wix are popular platforms for you to have your blog on.  Us personally we are on Blogger.  We've tried Wordpress-hated it, Squarespace-too expensive, and Wix too confusing.  My best advice on this would be to play around with each platform before going live and seeing which one suits you.

Solo or Group Effort?

Ever thought of getting a group of friends together and starting a blog?  It might be easier than you think and more beneficial depending on what the basis of your blog might be about.  Just remember, at the end of the day you will ultimately be the "manager" of your team, so if you're not prepared to be able to manage a team in order for your blog to be successful, go solo to start off with.

You now have the foundation to start your blog like the nicheless badass that we know you can be!

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