Makeup: Anastasia Lip Kit-Love It or Leave It!?


Like most lip lovers all over the world, my heart stopped beating momentarily when word got out about Anastasia creating a lip kit (I also cried a little...but that's beside the point).  So of course like any junkie would I purchased it in a haste, hoping and praying that I could snag it before the masses got ahold to it, then it would just be a lost cause. 


Now upon playing around with it, I noticed a few things that truly had me excited and also gave me pause. Let me explain:

-Portable - Small purse approved
-Lightweight - also purse approved
-Pigmentation- Color out of this world...TRUST ME
-Comes with a brush/spatula easy for application and mixing
-MUA's dream
-Comes with a mixing plate 
-Travel friendly- never leave home without it

-No mirror 
-No extra row for mixed creations (such as when you make a new color, there's nowhere to store it) 
-Brush is a bit hard to clean due to pigmentation
-if your not so good with color theory..this might not be for you LOL!

This palate is #bae even though it has some cons attached to it. Overall I just really enjoy this palette due to the fact of it mixing capabilities. Its a win in my book.
Now if you're trying to figure out where to get this, sadly enough it's not available in stores UNTIL March 15th at your local Sephora.

Happy Mixing Y'all!

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