Confession Time: My Best Friend Dumped Me.

Do you have a friend that promises to call you back but you hang up knowing she won't? Or you make plans with her and she cancels after you've already gotten dressed? Or she says she's too tired to go out but you see her on SnapChat and she's hugged up with that same lame she calls her 'boyfriend'? Well...I am that friend. CORRECTION...I WAS that friend. Especially in my early 20's. Now as I get closer to 30 I understand the value of true friendships, and luckily I was able to hang on to a couple of my girls.

Honestly, I didn't realize my actions were bad or disrespectful until recently. I got 'friend dumped'. Yes...DUMPED. It was almost like a relationship ended. She blocked me on all social media and we just didn't talk anymore. I finally mustered up the strength to reach out to her a year or so later and she told me: "I just wasn't a good friend to her." I had to sit and think about what a good friend's safe to say she was right, I wasn't. The older you get the harder it is to hold on to good secure friendships. As relationships start, children are born, careers are launched, there are so many other factors that get in the way.


How can you maintain those GGF's (good girlfriends)? There will always be unpreventable things that happen...but let's be real in my case most of it was preventable OR I would double book myself.


1. K.I.T. - Keep in Touch. My friends and I now have a group text, and for other friends I try to reach out at least once or twice a month. Reaching out can be a phone call, a text or even an invite to an event I'm attending.

2. Schedule Girl's Nights - My closest friends and I have a girls night out once a month that each of us plans. It's always something different and we all agree on a date that works with everyone's schedule. The best part about it is seeing what the other individuals enjoy doing, or when we can try new things or restaurants.

3. Be Selfless - I have trained myself to step out of my introverted shell sometimes. When I normally may say no, I'll say yes. Some friends become family and you never know how your impact may help somebody else's life.

I know I'm too grown to make rules for keeping friends, but honey, the struggle is real. But learning to balance your life is worth the challenge. What's life without friends anyhow?


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