Makeup Review: Urban Decay Vice Liquid Lippies Review!

urban decay

Time for another lippie review!!! I've been holding out on this lippie review because I wanted to make sure that what my opinion was, is what it is.  What I mean is... I didn't realize these lippies would have so many cons that I was a little bit taken back and tried to give it time and a few uses before facing facts that...I don't really like these.  The fact is, I love Urban Decay's new Vice Lipstick (review here) so I had high hopes for the new liquid lipsticks, guess I was wrong.


For these new lippies, they come in a glass cylinder tube.  I have a couple of issues with the packaging however.  First, the wand handle takes up more than half of the entire tube, so for $18 you're not paying for all of the product that you could be getting, that just doesn't sit well with me.  Second of, the base isn't secured to the wand because mine broke within a couple of days (which prompted my return).  I don't know if they used tacky glue, hot glue gun, but whatever they used to put this tube together, it ain't working!


The color of these lippies is probably what attracted me to them in the first place.  Brights, nudes, and of course, metallics.  The two colors that stood out to me were STUDDED, and nice metallic bronze, and TIME, and shimmery navy.

urban decay

urban decay

urban decay

Applying them was ok, they were a little opaque and it takes a few swatches to get the desired look.  However, these lippies are a complete BITCH to get off.  Makeup remover, soap, water, oil, they did not want to come off what so ever.  By the time I did get them off my lips were raw and red, not a good sign guys.


These liquid lippies are $18 a tube, sort of the norm for Urban Decay.  In my opinion, the price isn't worth the amount of product you actually get, I suggest to just get the regular Vice Lippies, there are ways to work around achieving a liquid lippie effect (here's a link to a DIY video I highly suggest)


For these liquid lippies, you can buy at Sephora, Macys, Nordstrom, and of course online at Urban Decay, so very accessible depending on who's your favorite retailer, I personally bought mine right from UD, shipped and received within a week if that.

Overall, I give these lippies a 3 out of 5.  As much as I love Urban Decay, there are other liquid lipsticks that will give you more bang for your buck, have a better formula, and just an overall better experience than these, sorry UD!

Have you tried UD's liquid lippies?  If so drop a comment and let us know what you think!

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