Makeup: Find That Dupe-Lime Crime Edition!


Hey beauty lovers, junkies, and hoarders (that’s me).  On today’s segment of “Find That Dupe, we’re going to look at Lime Crime’s DiamondLip Topper’s and…their counterfeits.

Now look, I do not necessarily encourage you to purposely buy fake brands, meaning buying brands that try to deceive themselves as being another brand because that’s wrong and I didn't intentionally mean to buy these dupes! This is how this happened.

On eBay, I was essentially looking for the Too Faced Unicorn Tears lipstick.  I bought it, and lost it, and knew there would be people on eBay who bought bulk and would be selling it for like $50+.  Because I couldn’t come to terms with paying that much for a $22 tube of lipstick I started to search holographic lipsticks and stumbled upon some lip toppers for $1.97 each, hell yea!  Two days later I’m purchasing some lippies from Lime Crime and buy their holographic Diamond Lip Toppers not realizing that I bought fake ones from eBay.

lime crime

The ultimate reason why these lippies are being featured in this Find That Dupe segment is at the end of the day, it’s a great dupe.  The reason why I bought Lime Crime's version is because of the holographic effect, but many do not like that.  Both eBay versions still have great coverage, shimmer, and glitter effects to them which is what most makeup wearers buy over holographic makeup.  Second there are many ways to fake or mimic a holographic or iridescent lip.  For example, you can use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moon Child palette (our review here), or Maybelline’s Iridescent lip topper.  Either way, if you can’t bring yourself to pay $18 for a tube of lipstick plus shipping you can fake a holographic lip by buying these fake versions for $1.97 on eBay with free shipping.

lime crime

So what is my verdict?  Personally I am going with Lime Crime for these reasons:

-holographic/iridescent feature
-can serve as a stand alone lipstick in addition to being a lip topper (the coverage is that great)
-smell (smells like candy)
-name brand (I say this only because if something were to happen (packaging breaks or allergic reaction) I know how to contact the company and feel more confident that I will get the desired end result)

If those factors do not apply to you, then I highly suggest getting these dupes and saving you $16!

Let me know what you guys think!