Rants & Raves: Fake Ass Feminist...Come Harder Sis

Y'all kill the fuck out of me.

The "yall" is being referred to as these fake, part time feminists.


Because they want to be feminists only when shit "happens" to them.  Kind of like being pro black but still saying "nigga nigga nigga" left and right or in the case like Nicki Minaj (no shade, no tea).  It's hilarious if anything.

As many of us are aware, Kendrick Lamar aka Zaddy dropped a new track, Humble, and part of the song hints to something a lot of us as women have been waiting for a rapper, more so a black man to say to us for a long time:

"I'm so fuckin' sick and tired of the Photoshop
Show me somethin' natural like afro on Richard Pryor
Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretch marks"

Now I guess a few of these females got dumped or just got some whack dick so they woke up on the wrong side of the bed and decided to become full blown feminists, attacking Kendrick for these lyrics and more so the female in his music video that these lyrics relate to.

Like whaaaaaaaaat?

I have SO many questions for any woman who has an issue with any part of what Kendrick is saying.  And first, let me say I am not taking away any woman's truth in how she feels but...I need answers.


For example, if you're mad at the fact that even after saying what he says and he still has a "fair skinned slim chick" in his video...why is that wrong?  At the end of the day, Kendrick Lamar still has a type, I mean look at his fiance for Christ sake.  


For us to sit here and say that Kendrick or any man is supposed to be open to any and all types of women is to be unrealistic because we have standards as women.  We drool over tall, nicely built, thick-bearded men, and for you to say you don't, you're a goddamn liar.  I bet if you met Idris Elba right now you'd be wetter than a super soaker....right, stop lying to yourself.

Secondly, I've heard that women are mad for the simple fact that they are tired of men putting themselves in a position of telling women what they can and cannot be.  If anything, yall are just fucking whining.  Call me what you want, but yall just want to be mad just to be mad.  Kendrick Lamar telling you to stop photoshopping, show the stretch marks, and essentially show your true being is not telling you what to do, he is giving you a platform to where you don't have to feel as if you have to go to these extremes to be perfect for the opposite sex.  Like yall don't want men to tell yall you're a queen, yall don't want men to tell yall to be yourself, it seems yall just don't want a fucking man who wants you for you...girl bye.

And probably the most disturbing part about all of this is, these women who are mad at Kendrick are still bumpin' and twerking to lyrics that bluntly degrade women!  Let's take a look at some of the most infamous rap lines that show how most rappers see us as black women...

Juvenile-Back That Azz Up
Girl, you looks good, won't you back that azz up
You'se a fine motherfucker, won't you back that azz up
Call me Big Daddy when you back that azz up
Hoe, who is you playin wit? Back that azz up

Too Short-Shake That Monkey
Let a nigga fuck tonight
Damn right bitch, fuck my wife
You my slut for life
You know all I do, is count that cash
I won't charge you as long as you bounce that ass

I said it must be ya ass cause it ain't yo' face
I need a tip drill, I need a tip drill

Ying Yang Twins-Say I Yi Yi
Look at shawty snap make that ass clap
Niggas in the club spendin dubs when its PHAT
Lookin real fine, standin 5'9 high heels on right on time
God damn look at shawty she makin that ass jiggle
I lke the way you wobbedy, wobbedy when it wiggle
Anybody down for my nursery rhyme riddle
Some of these hoes be full creamin in the middle

Trillville-Some Cut
What it is hoe, ah what's up (what's up)
Can a nigga get in them guts (them guts)
Cut you up like you ain't been cut (been cut)
Show your ass how to really catch a nut (oh yeah yeah)
Well give me you number and I'll call (I'll call)
And I'll follow that ass in the mall (in the mall)
Take you home, let you juggle my balls (my balls)
While I'm beatin' and tearin' down your walls (oh yeah)

Trap Starz Clik-Get it Bitch (I mean bitch is even in the damn title)
She Got A Face Like Trina, Leg N Thighs Like Mya
Big Apple Bottom Plus She Walk Like A Model
Say Get It Bitch (Say Get It Bitch) Say Get It Bitch (Say Get It Bitch)
Say Get It Bitch (Say Get It Bitch) Say Get It Bitch (Say Get It Bitch) Go N Work

Three 6 Mafia-Slob on My Knob
Slob on my knob
Like corn on the cob
Check in with me, and do your job
Lay on the bed, and give me head
Don't have to ask, don't have to beg
Juicy is my name
Sex is my game
Let's call the boys, let's run a train
Squeeze on my nuts
Lick on my butt
The natural curly hair, please don't touch

Plies-Ms Pretty Pussy
You got the pretty set of pussy lips I've never seen
If I want to eat you, I can eat you cause your pussy clean
I thought it was all hair, that pussy sat up in those jeans
But now I got you naked I can see how that pussy hang
I better snap out this shit, or I'ma do the wrong thang
I wanna fuck you raw that pussy like is everything
Now all I wanna know, that pussy get real wet
You got a soaker I got to run my tongue cross your chest
Or I can rub on your clit and just play with ya neck
And let me slide my finger in that pussy just to check
Ain't bout who spendin the most money, its bout who fuck the best
I'm a high bitch who a freak baby when it comes to sex

Three 6 Mafia-Lil Freak
Look at Ms. Goody-Goody pussy right there
With that pretty-ass face and that pretty-ass hair
With some pretty-ass eyes and a pretty-ass smile
I guess that one drink I bought'll be worth my while
With ya double-D rack and a tattoo on your back
And I really dig the way your pussy lookin' from the back
Matter of fact I think I'll start from the back
Made my mind in in from the back
Gimme one more win once again from the back
I'm goin in, think I'll win with some that
Some Hen, some Cap, some droolin' on my pipeline
Give ya boy oral 'till his heart flatline

I mean these are just some....of the thousands of songs out there.  Artists such as Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Migos, Koddak Black, Lil Uzi, Kanye West and many more use lyrics to describe their preference on lighter skinned females, foreign women, women with big breasts, thighs, and butts, on top of what they'll do to these women sexually or how they're looking for a ride or die to help them in illegal activity.

So if these feminists are so upset at Kendrick....why do I still see them shaking their asses at the bar to all of these songs?

If you truly have a problem with what Kendrick is saying you have to have a problem with all of it, and I damn sure bet not see you twerking your flat ass to these songs, you're only allowed to turn up to Kirk Franklin in my eyes if you're so against what Kendrick is saying.
So to the women who are that pissed off, maybe you're the woman who uses the filters, photoshop, and gobs of makeup that Kendrick is referring to...all shade and ALL TEA!