Blogger Insight: Batch Posting in 5 Days-Everything You Need to Know!

batch posting

Batch posting, have you heard of it?

Well you may not have heard of it but I am certain you have attempted it at least once.

Batch posting is when you create multiple posts at one time in an attempt to create content for days, weeks, even months in advance.  I've done it before but fell off once my life started to get a lot busier and after doing a trial and error, I've figured out a way to break down the batch posting process to make it less daunting!


Day one should be focused on organizing your content ideas and figuring out what all needs to be done for those ideas (for my nicheless folks, I have a post about content creation coming at ya).  What I like to do is make lists under each category we cover such as fashion & style, hair, beauty, & makeup, blogging tips, travel, rants & raves, etc. and have a running list of content ideas I might want to cover for the next few weeks or months under each category.  Before I actually begin the process of batch posting, I try to weed out ideas that I know I'm not going to get to, whether because I want to save that idea for another month or specific time, or because I changed my mind completely.  Once I have my set list, I also start to research using the Google Keyword tool between 3-5 keywords for each post, which will come in handy during our next step.


Once you have your set ideas you want to write about, now it's time to think of titles for these posts.  Probably the most important aspect of batch writing or blog writing in general is going to be the effort you put into SEO optimization.  Remember those keywords in step 1?  Well, this is where you get to put them to use.  By implementing them into your title and also your search description for your blog post, you increase the chances of your blog and your article being searched, seen, read, and shared on different search engines.  My point is, if you don't focus on SEO you might as well #throwthewholeblogaway


Whether you're creating graphics with stock photos and Photoshop, or taking some original photos outside on a gorgeous day, pictures are going to be the aesthetics of your blog post.  Depending on how long you think your blog post will be, you need at least a header pic and 1-2 supporting pictures in your post.  Also embedded video, memes, or social media posts are great as well.

Also, begin to create your social media pictures for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest.

Once these photos are created, SAVE THEM CORRECTLY!  This is so important because it plays back into your SEO.  If you leave your image in a format such as "1450116611662844984521.png" or "IMG_8756.jpg" Google, Bing, or Yahoo will not recognize the content of that picture.  So if someone searches "how to create an editorial calendar", your pictures won't pop up meaning you're missing a chance to get discovered online!


Now tat you're content idea, title, SEO, and pictures are all in place, you can finally start to write your content!  Everyone's writing style is different, but what helps me is to start in the middle, with the part that's most important.  Once I've finished that then I begin to write my introduction and my ending which calls for a call to action (post here on how to formulate a blog post coming soon!).  Then after that, I take a step back for at least 10 minutes and do 3 edit jobs to make sure I didn't miss any errors.  If you need help or are too lazy to edit your own words, Grammerly is a great tool every blogger should use!


Once you have everything completed, take a moment to read through your post in preview mode so you can see how it will look to your readers.  If everything checks out right, begin to schedule your posts!  Once those posts are schedule use your social media management tool such as CoSchedule or Buffer and schedule your social media posts as well (we'll cover that in a different segment, don't worry)!


Now was that so bad?  As you can see, with batch posting, you'll do a lot in a short amount of time, but in the end, it saves you more time to focus on other blog tasks!

We hope you enjoyed this how to with us!  For more resources make sure to visit our blog studio!