Blogger Insight: 5 Reasons why Instastories are CRUSHING Snapchat!


Ok, we might be tardy for the party, but.....WE ARE IN LOVE WITH INSTASTORIES!


Yes, we love Instastories!  We love them so much...that we dump Snapchat....


Don't give us that look.  We know that Instagram kind of "swagger jacked" Snapchat with their Instastories, but how can you be mad when...they do it better?

The fact is, Instastories are more beneficial if you're a blogger or creative looking to keep the engagement alive and flowing, Snapchat for us...just doesn't cut it and here's why:


With Snapchat, you don't have a profile where people can see pictures, videos, or anything, so once your story expires, it's gone forever.  With Instagram, you can save your Instastories and post them on your profile so that way people can see them even after the story expires.


The problem that I have with Snapchat is their lack of features.  Granted you can now stalk people with their "snapmaps" but as a blogger that's not what you're looking for when it comes to engagement and interaction with your followers.  Instastories have features that make your post more interactive such as tagging your location and being able to use hashtags that can be searched and stumbled upon.  You can also go live/hands-free, use Boomerang and make "in reverse" videos in addition to the normal 6-second videos and pictures.


Becuase you already have an established following on Instagram on top of being able to tag your location and utilize hashtags, your potential reach is significantly bigger than it would be on Snapchat.


With Snapchat, I see so many flaws when it comes to interaction, which is the main reason why I don't use it anymore.  Someone can send you a Snap, but you only have a limited time to watch it/view it (2 replays if I'm not mistaken).  After that, you can "purchase" replays (the fuck?!).  And with all of the glitches Snapchat has, it's been many of times that I've clicked on a Snap that someone has sent me and for whatever reason, I can't see it, and now I have to pay to have it replayed.  I've also had the issue of my messages not sending correctly and that shit is annoying.

With Instastories, you can view the picture or video for as long as it is available.  When you respond to an Instastory, even after the story has expired, you can still see the message in your DM's,  And overall, I haven't experienced as many glitches as I have with Snapchat.


This is something we are going to talk about soon, but a problem that many bloggers, including us, have is the overload of platforms.  Between Snapchat, Instagram, and Periscope, it was hard for us to be consistent on each platform, we simply don't have enough time to do so.  Because of the interactive features Instastories have, we dropped Snapchat and Periscope altogether.

All in all, we're sticking with Instastories for the time being, and you should too if you want to be an Instagram superstar!

Speaking of being an Instagram superstar, be sure to check out our post later this week on how to Instagram and a complete hashtag guide with over 300 hashtags!!!!!

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