Fashion & Style: The "Casual AF Let's Run Errands" Ensemble!

fashion and style

My life has turned how I look into a hot ass mess.

I'm that person at Walmart that will go with basketball shorts, a holey shirt, and some flip flops (no bonnet tho, I'm bald headed so it defeats the purpose).

Point is, I'm into being bummy for 75% of my time.  I go to work which doesn't require me to dress any type of way and I go home.  The time I look up to par is when I have an event to go to, hints the picture above.

This past weekend we had our Black Bloggers United photo shoot and conveniently Diamond and I needed new photos anyway.  That doesn't mean "dress up" because that's not who we are, and since these pictures were for the blog, we needed to dress in a way that displayed our personalities.

My outfit of choice, a comfy ass romper.  Man when I tell you I snatched this up quick when I saw it on Boohoo.  For the most part, I'm skeptical on rompers because I do have somewhat of a gut and I don't think they're flattering unless you have the right body, but this romper has a high waisted tie, and high waisted anything looks good on me.

The best part I love about this romper is you can obviously dress it up, slap on some heels, wear a blazer or go bare, and find a cute clutch, but you can also dress it down and make your own bummy chic look!

Get you some slide on slippers, throw on a blue jean or varsity jacket, and get you a fun, quirky handbag like my Slurp Purse, and bam, the "casual as fuck let's run errands" look is achieved!