Blogger Insight: How to Be a Rockstar on Instagram + 300 Hashtags to Use!

Bloggers, are you on Instagram? (that answer should be yes)

Better question, are you using Instagram effectively and to the best of its ability?

Now many of you probably shook your head no, and that's OK.  With Instagram's new algorithm and playa' hating, it seems almost impossible to have a swarm of following, likes, and engaging comments that turn into new blog post readers and clients.  Many assume that you can't have Instagram success unless you buy your followers and likes which I encourage you NOT to do!

The fact is, social media is hard work and it takes time to master a platform's algorithm.  But before you can do that, you have to start with these basics:


Now I'm not saying you necessarily have to have a "theme" but in essence, you kind of do.  What I don't want you to do is get into the habit of posting certain kinds of pictures and being so restrictive in the aesthetic feature you want for your Instagram account because it's going to take too much to manage.  In the past, we've tried everything from posting quote pictures on certain days or cropping our pictures across the entire page which looked OK but was too much to manage.

What I want you to focus on more is what is the takeaway you want people to have when they do look at your Instagram account.  Will your account be more focused on showcasing your blog posts?  Or how about giving a more personable side?  Once you have all of that figured out, it will be easier to decide on how you want to present that on your account, and if you do choose to stick with certain aesthetic elements, it'll be easier for you to decide those as well.


Keeping to an Instagram schedule has been something we have struggled with for months, especially given the fact that a lot of scheduling software and websites do not schedule posts for Instagram as they would for Facebook or Twitter.  In order to schedule posts through Buffer or Hootsuite for Instagram, it sends you a "reminder" that it's time to post and you still have to log into your account in order to post as opposed to the website doing it for you.  For us, however, that is not always feasible because I work a 9-5 corporate job and Diamond works retail, and we can't always be on our phones.

What we have done, to make is easier on ourselves, is to schedule all of our other social media channels so we can use the time we have to focus on Instagram.  From there, we have tried to make it a rule to post on Instagram every other day, if not once a day.  This way, between the two of us, something will get posted.


There is so much more to Instagram than what bloggers think, and by not looking into all of the features of Instagram, you could be losing out on connections and conversion.  For example, have you?

Converted your Instagram account into a business account?-If your blog has a Facebook page, you can convert your Instagram account into a business account.  See how to do so here.
Utilized Instastories?-I love Instastories, they are more interactive than Snapchat in my opinion, see why here.
Tagging companies and notable people?-If you're posting pics of new products you've bought, or maybe recapping a celebrity post, why not tag them so they can see?  You never know where that can lead to.
Start an Instagroup-Many people refer to these as "comment" or "blogger" pods, but in essence, they're Instagroups.  You can use these to gather up your travel buddies, makeup or fashion enthusiasts and share each other's posts or share what you may come across on Instagram that will benefit the group!
Share from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter, & Tumblr-Easy as 1 click!


Instagram is not just for pictures anymore, there are so many ways you can use Instagram.  Have you ever tried:

Posting a video snippet of an interview, podcast, or new segment?-There are many apps that you can use to cut, trim, and snip videos and make them Instaworthy.  You can even save videos you've posted on your Instastory and post it on your Instagram account.

Live footage from an event-With Instastories, you're able to tag the event and location and use their hashtags for maximum exposure

Using your Instastories for live segments, tutorials, workshops, backstage access, coaching
Product reveals and sneak peaks-there are so many ways you can use Instastories, we're in the process of creating our own Instastory workshops as we speak!


Hashtags are the most important part of Instagram when it comes to getting discovered and getting your likes, followers, and most of all, CONVERSION!

Here are a few rules to using hashtags that we've come up with over the years:

Come up with unique hashtags just for your blog/brand-by using your brand's name as a hashtag, or create a hashtag for your event and encourage your followers to use it, you know that you're hashtag is one that is unique to you, and won't accidentally get blacklisted

Use hashtags within your caption and not just at the end-this all comes down to effective marketing.  Being creative with your caption by incorporating hashtags shows your readers and potential clients that you took the time to think about the message you wanted to convey and how you were going to convey it.

Use hashtags to find other bloggers and brands and network!-This is a simple step that everyone should do, no exceptions.  It's as simple as clicking on a hashtag and going through the most recent posts and following who you resonate with, which should be easy because they used the same hashtag that you did!

What hashtags to use you ask?  Well you're in luck!  As nicheless bloggers, we have accumulated so many hashtags over the years, and we're sharing them with you!

300 hashtags including fashion, beauty, travel, diy, business, and so much more!  

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