In the Lou: Forget Targét, Shop at Here Today!


Why hasn't anyone told us about Here Today?!, HOW DID WE NOT KNOW THIS STORE EXISTED?!

Here Today is the straight plug, hands down, point blank.  Our initial visit was simple, get stuff for my graduation turn up, which consisted of none other than liquor and food...but that quickly turned into an entire adventure we did not anticipate  From really cute sun dresses, to home décor, toys, electronics (like really good flat screen tvs), we found ourselves spending a good 3 hours in Here Today.  We ended up almost walking out without what the hell we came in there for in the first place.

Here's the thing though, Here Today is able to offer these products at AMAZING prices because they're here today...and gone tomorrow.  So if you see something you like, snatch that mf up because it won't be there when you come back!

You're probably thinking "yall spent some money didn't yall"....NOPE!  In total we spent $175 and saved over $350 with everything we got, $350!!

Want the deets?  Check out our shopping haul video below!  Next week we're gonna show you how to stage your blogger area with items we found at Here Today!

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*photo credit: Here Today.  This is a sponsored post courtesy of Here Today but all opinions are ours and are not biased.

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