Rants & Raves: Why I Dumped the Fashion Industry


I have contemplated writing this post for almost 2 years, around the time that we decided to re brand and not just be fashion bloggers, but become the nicheless badasses that we are.

Don't get it twist, I love fashion, cliché alert-fashion is my passion and always will be, but there are just people and situations that contribute to me stepping away from it all together.

I used to go to fashion shows every week and be geeked about it, now I anticipate a show being ratchet with a mediocre designer and hope that I am proven wrong.

I am just sick and tired of the bafoonery, fuckery, mediocracy (inside joke), the bullshit, I am just not with the shits OK!

I'm not here to knock anyone's creativity, but some of y'all be stretching and really reaching when you call yourself a fashion "designer" or fashion "stylist".  I just...I take a little bit of offense to that.  Here's why.  I wanted to be a designer back in the day, and realized I wasn't cut out for it because you have to have that certain "it" factor to be a designer.  You have to have an eye for color, construction, and be able to make your designs innovative and ahead of the trend.  On top of that, many designers that I know are either self taught and have spent years perfecting their craft, or took the traditional route and developed their craft at highly respected and pricey art institutes.  So for me, I find it offensive as shit for someone who "thinks" they're fashionable just assuming they can just waltz in, slap some clothes on a model and call themselves a designer or a stylist....bitch it don't work like that!  Whether you're a designer or stylist, I know personally it takes months to put together a stunning collection, and to see people attempt to do it in weeks and not plan how other designers and stylists would is irritating and more so amusing at the same time.  All I will say is, your work and all its flaws show on the runway, so remember that when you decide to slap together a half-assed collection.


You read that right.  Within the past 3 months I've attended two shows back to back that didn't have any air conditioning.  I guess the crew felt as if we as the audience didn't need to stay cool and comfortable...

...mind you we're in St. Louis where temperatures have been around the 100s with high ass humidity. The point is, I am just so sick and tired of people thinking they can put on fashion shows just because they're into fashion or "think" they're fashionable or have a little money to throw around to do so.  Producing a fashion show falls under the category of event production and everyone is not cut out to produce an event.  I even had to take a course in undergrad that was all about fashion show production.  I do not want to go to a show and sweat all my fucking makeup off.  I don't want to have to fight with people over my VIP seat that I fucking paid for.  If a show starts at 9, I shouldn't have to wait till 11:12 to see models walk down the runway.  I shouldn't have to guess if the show has begun and when it ends because an announcer/host wasn't hired.  What people fail to realize is if the atmosphere of a fashion show is not right, no one is going to give a fuck about the designs walking down the runway, no...one.  I swear y'all piss me the fuck off with that shit.


This last one is the main reason why I dumped the fashion industry in St. Louis.  This industry is full of ass kissing and scheming, or being deemed as fashionable just because you have money.  First off, just because you have money doesn't mean you're fashionable, it just means you have a resource to buy designer shit, that's it.  The ass-kissing?  Jesus Christ.  I have never seen so many people ass-kiss in my life, you would think they saw Obama or the Pope or some shit.  I'm about working hard and getting recognized for my hard work and dedication.  If you ever read my post on authenticity over opportunity, I explain how I had to cut ties with a popular magazine here in St. Louis because of this exact situation.  Not saying that these designers and professionals don't work hard, but to me it's easier to get noticed for your work when you've been up someone's ass 24 hours a day getting shit secured for your success...all shade and all fucking tea.

  And the scheeming? Chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiild too much.  I'm currently in the process of suing a well known fashion show producer over copyrights.  People think because you're only a blogger or at the bottom of the totem pole that they can do things such as not credit you for the work they not only took from you, but used to promote and market their event (yes this has happened and I'm suing that ass).

So what's the point?  It's simple, the mainstream fashion industry in St. Louis is corrupt in my opinion.  Point blank.  I thought it would be different when I decided to become a nicheless blogger and enjoy fashion as a spectator and not as someone involved in it as I once was, but no, it still sucks.

What I think needs to happen is we need a Tim Gunn for the fashion industry in St. Louis.  Yes, we have The Incubator courtesy of The Fashion Fund, but a lot of these designers don't necessarily need a training program, they just need a mentor to not only get them connected in the industry but to just be there if and when questions come about.  Also, The Incubator could begin to offer services to designers and stylists who are looking to produce their own fashion shows, whether that's a production team or someone to help walk them through the process of producing a highly successful show.

Lastly, I believe the fashion industry needs to be more diverse.  When I go to parties, shows, or events in the "mainstream" fashion industry, I see the same damn faces, and I know this is not all we have to represent the fashion industry.  I have to search and find different designers on Eventbrite and Facebook just because I know they would aren't represented in the fashion industry the world knows of for St. Louis, which is disappointing on top of many other things.

Will I ever go to another fashion show? Probably.  Will I keep complaining?  You damn skippy!  I might not be Jill Ferns or Iris Apfel, but I'm someone who has a vast knowledge of fashion, and I take it seriously...end of rant.

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