Jaunts & Junkets: 7 Tips for Traveling on a Budget!

traveling on a budget

Some people may not know, but I do a bit of traveling here and there.  From Atlanta to Vegas, Chicago, Charlotte, and back home, I've been able to fly and have a decent time without breaking the bank.  How?  It's all about taking unconventional/unique approaches to how you purchase your trip, more so being smart about how you do so!

Take Advantage of Airline Sales & One Way Tickets

If you didn't know, there are certain times of the year to book your flight depending on where you're going.  In addition to those savings, airlines often have 1 or 2 day sales that may result in a cheaper flight.  I've done this when booking my flight to Las Vegas and was able to save $25 on my original flight!  Also, booking 1 one way tickets can result in cheaper tickets as well.  Southwest is infamous for their one way sales, and by buying two one way tickets you can save up to $100 off your original flight.  Don't sleep on those sales and one way tickets y'all!

Fly Southwest

Southwest ain't gone drag you off the plane or make you give up your seat to a stranger you bought for your toddler.  In addition to obvious reasons, I just love Southwest.  Many people are opposed to Southwest because there aren't assigned seats but...if you're flying on a budget there is no room to be picky.  Southwest has options such as "Wanna Get Away" where ticket prices are much cheaper.  It's non refundable but if you know for sure you won't be canceling your trip, then no reason to worry.  On top of that, you get two free checked bags and two free carry on items.  I've been able to book tickets for Las Vegas, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Charlotte, NC for under $300 by choosing Wanna Get Away tickets with Southwest.

traveling on a budget

Consider Priceline Express Deals

Priceline Express Deals are going to be your best bet when it comes to finding the CHEAPEST hotel possible.  Why?  Because they sell unused hotel rooms for a fraction of the actual cost of the room if you were to go through the hotel itself.  Here's the catch...you don't know the hotel until you've booked/paid for your room.  Now I will admit, we've had one bad experience in the past, but to be fair, it wasn't Priceline's fault, I believe they were deceived by that janky ass hotel just like we were (check out our reaction video here).  But for the most part, we've been able to score hotel rooms from The Four Seasons, The Sheraton, Hilton, and more for around $55-65, THAT'S A STEAL!

Bring Snacks With You

Have you ever brought snacks with you to the movies?  Well this is the same concept.  Snacks and certain drinks are able to go through security clearance, so don't spend money on candy, headphones, or any other items at the airport corner store when you can get them cheaper somewhere else.  Check TSA's list on what you can bring in your luggage and carry on items.

Take Advantage of Lyft & Uber's Coupon's

If you plan on using Uber, Lyft, or other share a ride services, take advantage of their deals.  For example, you get $$$ off your first ride with Uber and Lyft.  In addition to that, your friends may have codes you can use towards $$$ off your trip.  Now this is a trick I know Uber nor Lyft would condone but...we ballin' on a budget over here!  If you have at least 2 debit or credit cards you use, make two separate accounts with Uber or Lyft utilizing two different phone numbers (google voice and other free text apps gives you a free number) and two separate cards.  This way you can use the first ride coupon multiple times......thug life.

Grubhub, Ubereats & Other To Go Food Services

I understand the excitement of going to new restaurants, experiencing the atmosphere, all that.  But if you're on a weekend getaway or business trip, cut down on your food expenses by using services such as Grubhub, Ubereats, Eatstreet, & Eat24.  They usually have a coupon for first time customers which results in at least 10% off of your order.

Consider Getting Your Passport Now!

Now you're probably saying, how the hell does this save money?  I'm suggesting to get a passport now for this reason.  In many states including Missouri, come January 2018 it will be mandatory for residents to use their passport as another form of identification just to travel domestically.  This is because certain states refused to have chips implanted into resident's ID cards that would serve as another form of identification when going back and forth between states.  Since it is becoming mandatory in more and more states, I wouldn't be surprised if the government raised the price of passports.  So, take the time to go ahead and get one now.

Got any more cheap travel tips? Drop them gems below!