Blogger Insight: How to Start a Podcast Like a Pro!


Podcasting is becoming more and more of an extension bloggers use to expand their platform.  We've had our share of podcasts, and I even host one with my consulting business.  Podcasting does what blogging cannot.  It puts a voice to the content you here, which helps put a personality to the brand your coming into contact with.  Sometimes it's easier for us to convey a message via a podcast as opposed to a blog post, so the two definitely go hand in hand!

If you're a blogger looking to start your own podcast, here are some steps to take in order to make your podcast as successful as possible:


When it comes to a podcast theme, make sure it's going to be something that you'll be passionate about because'll have to create A LOT of episodes, like...a lot.  Don't pick a theme that you know you'll get bored of quick because once that happens, your podcast is doomed to die.  It's sometimes easier to start a podcast with your friends or group of people so that the content ideas are always flowing!

For podcasting, you'll want to invest a good microphone.  I use the Blue Yeti microphone when I record Hustle the Blog and I love it!!!  That and a pop filter, and you're good to go on the equipment, well your computer too of course!


Audacity is the software I recommend for recording podcasts.  It's free, compatible with Windows & Macs, & easy to use and works with your podcast equipment.  Garage band is also a good software to use as well.


Background music isn't necessary when doing a podcast.  There have been many episodes that I chose to opt out of music and it sounded just fine.  If you do choose to utilize music, make sure you have permission to do so.  If you don't, your podcast can be flagged and possibly taken down altogether due to copyright laws, so be careful!


There are two platforms I would suggest having your podcast on.  When it's time for you to upload your podcast, upload to not only Soundcloud but also to iTunes as well.  In fact, you can set your RSS feed from Soundcloud in iTunes so once a new episode has been uploaded to Soundcloud, it will automatically upload to iTunes as well, pretty neat.

Simple huh?  There are so many people who make podcasting seem harder than what it is.  In actuality, you can get a podcast up and running within a matter of hours!  So get yourself a solid podcast theme, get your equipment, record your first episode, and get it uploaded!

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