Blogger Insight: Instagram Tips to Stay Ahead of the Curve!

instagram tips

Instagram gets on my nerves sometimes, ok, all the time.  It seems like just when you have your IG routine down packed...BOOM...the algorithm changes, AGAIN!  So the question is, how can you stay afloat if not get ahead if and when the good ol' algorithm of Instagram changes?  Well here are a few tips I think we can all use in order to say ahead of the curve on Instagram:


Instagram finally figured out that they should allow hashtags to be active in user's bios.  I've done this with my personal and our blog's account on Twitter so I was just waiting for the moment when Instagram would get on board.  With this new feature, I would suggest using 1-5 hashtags that not only describe who you are as a blogger and a brand but that gain a lot of traction as well.  This way when people search and follow certain hashtags that you use in your bio, your account is more likely to pop up in more people's feed which can result in new likes, followers, and conversion on your website.


Instastories are probably the best thing that Instagram has launched, like, I LOVE INSTASTORIES!  If you love Snapchat, then Instastories shouldn't be hard to catch on because it's the exact same concept, just for Instagram.  In the moment shots, live feed, videos, funny filters, you name it, Instastories is where it's at if you're looking to stay active on Instagram.  Two weeks ago when we spoke at The Blog Connect, Antoinette Minor (love her) spoke on social media.  She said that in order to see better results with engagement on Instagram, you should post more on your Instastories as opposed to your Instafeed and that is true to a certain extent.  Analytics is something I'm going to say all the time and multiple times throughout this post.  In order to make that determination, you need to study the activity on your Instagram account to see if you should post more on your Instastories vs. your Instagram feed.

In addition, just like with your feed there are things you can do in order for your story to be more visible such as using hashtags and tagging your location which will include your story in that hashtag or location's feed.  Instastories definitely are great to get your profile more visible in order to increase engagement and conversion.

instagram tips


I give all glory to Instagram for creating highlights.  Highlights are the cheat code to make your Instastories last more than 24 hours.  If you're a nicheless blogger like us then this is going to be your best friend.  Instastories was definitely made for the nicheless blogger!  As of right now, there is not a limit to how many highlight categories you can have.  Some popular ones that bloggers create are fashion, beauty, makeup, travel, events, new blog posts, etc.  All you have to do is push the highlight button at the bottom corner of your story once it's published and boom, your stories are now available for life for your followers to see!  In a Youtube/Blog tutorial, I'll show you a quick and easy way to create highlight cover photos (literally 5 minutes quick!).

ak brown akjapbae


The word of the day is ANALYTICS.  If you don't pay attention to your analytics you're just missing out on the opportunity to grow because the data is right there in your face!!!  Instagram gives insight into not only how many people follow you and how many likes or comments you get on a post, but it also gives you insight into how many people come to your page within a week, how many people saw your post vs. engaged with your post and how many people clicked on a link if you have an ad running.


Hashtags are something everyone knows when it comes to hashtags.  But now, it's not just as simple as using hashtags on a post, there are new methods you should be utilizing in order for your account to receive engagement and for you to make connections with others.  With new Instagram updates, you can now follow certain hashtags (hell yes!),  For me, I follow #blackbloggersunited and #blackswhoblog since these are two networks that I am apart of.  By doing this I am seeing other bloggers within that network which makes it easier for me to like and engage in their comment and for them to do the same.

black bloggers united

Are you going to be ahead of the curve or will you allow your Instagram to become stagnate?  I think we both know the answer to the question.  Take these tips and research your own so you can transform your Instagram into the powerhouse it can be!

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