911 Is Not Your Personal Customer Service Hotline Susan!

white people calling the police on black people

What is it about black people that makes white people so uncomfortable?

This is the million dollar question that no white person can seem to answer with any type of logic behind it.  Considering that white people are the "superior" race, how could us little ol' black people intimidate them?  How?

From napping in a dorm lounge, waiting in Starbucks for a business meeting, shopping in a store, BBQ-ing in the park, to simply enjoying a game of golf, apparen-fucking-ly, black people can't do anything without making white people fear for their lives and safety.

White people have made it far too normal to pick up the phone and call 911 as if it is their customer service hotline number to report black people because we don't appease them....it's not right.  Black people being black is not a "customer service" issue you can call the police to have them deal with.  Black people being black is something white people need to get the fuck over.

Like, we literally cannot breathe without a white person claiming to feel uncomfortable and calling the po po's, like we did we do Susan?

I've said this before in a review I did for #LA92 and I'm going to say this again, it is not our responsibility as black people to ask white people what the problem is, we know what the hell the problem is.  White people should be asking each other what the issue is and stop treating their white privilege as a right, religion, and a cult practice.  

I think to myself, what if we turned the tables and called the police on white people just like they do with us?  I saw a Facebook status the other day saying black people should call 1-800-TOO-WITE on white people, and I love it.  Do you know what the hell black people have to deal with from white people?!  Let's put the obvious racism, prejudice, and discrimination to the side.  Black people have to deal with unseasoned chicken and nasty ass potato salad at the company picnic, being asked the most mind-blowing questions just because we're black, being mistaken for another black person because apparently, all black people look alike, awkward off beat dance moves, cultural appropriation, and what is white people's obsession with touching black people's hair?  The next time I feel uncomfortable around a white person I'm going to call 1-800-TOO-WITE, because I can guarantee it will be more times I'm going to feel uncomfortable around white people than a white person would ever feel uncomfortable around me.

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